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VetSystems was developed in the late 90’s from information I had gathered from working in human Rehab and Pain Management for over 20 years.

Understanding how E-Stim or electrical stimulation has such positive effects on human patients suffering from a multitude of pain issues on all parts of the anatomy, treatment modalities most always included Hot or Cold packs, Electrical Stimulation and Ultrasound along with exercise.

My Basset Hound named “PUNKIN” was getting older and showing signs of arthritis and stiffness. I decided to try the same equipment used on people to see how she responded…I was amazed at the outcome. I decided to treat her 3 times a week and it was obvious the treatments lessoned her day to day issues eventually allowing her to move & sleep better. This is when the research began to come together. I continued the treatments and as time passed she did very well, considering she was 14 years old…

After experimenting with various designs and shapes, the VetSystems BioElectric Whirlpool is a truly, one of a kind modality that addresses many indications that previously couldn’t be addressed successfully. We finally decided it was time to approach the Veterinary market and our systems were well accepted and the company grew to what it is today, providing cutting edge technology in an easy to use, efficient package.

VetSystems made major changes in the veterinary industry with the introduction of all new protocols, delivering profound positive results changing the way Pain Management and Rehabilitation would be introduced to pet owners everywhere… Exciting results, along with various new products from other manufacturers have driven PM&R into a unique class of its own throughout veterinary medicine. As interest peaked overall, VetSystems became part of the growing community of “specialized treatments” that are exceptionally comforting for our furry families.

The Dog Who Started It All…My Basset Hound “PUNKIN”

VetSystems Provides The Veterinary Industry With Quality Products Including Our Proprietary BIO-Electric Whirlpool…Electric Stimulators… Tens and Muscle Stim Units…Goniometers…Exercise Balls… Peanut Balls Patient Lifts… Ultrasound Modalities..HOT & COLD Packs. Virtually anything required for Pain Management & Rehabilitation in your practice