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VetSystems Whirlpool Specifications & Whats Included

Dimensions:      40” High   35” Wide   60” Long

Weight:              250 Pounds Empty

                            + 80 Gallons of water 640 lbs. Total 890 lbs

Electrical Requirements: Minimum of 2, independent, 30 Amp circuits controlled by wall switches clearly marked: WHIRLPOOL and ELECTRICAL STIM.

Features: 1 ½ horsepower motor with thermostat controlled heater.

8 jets with adjustable directional and selective pressure control (4 on left and 4 on right)

4 premium wheels, 2 with brakes when needed

5 LB bottle of Hydrochlor for easy infection prevention one scoop per tub of water

Custom all STAINLESS STEEL LIFT manufactured in house, stainless steel chains and bars custom fit for the 3 included slings in S, M and L , Downer Dog Sling is available.

VetSystems Whirlpool color is Hospital “Bright White” High Gloss

Stainless Steel Mobil Cart with 3 shelves & Drawer, Easy Read Goniometers 8” & 12”, 1 Case of Hot & Cold packs in your choice of size. The 6×10 & 10×15 are the most popular for veterinary use. There are 16 sizes available for SPECIFIC needs. Each pack can be used Hot or Cold.

Omnistim 500 PRO Electrical Stimulation System using extremely comfortable 5000 Hz where the patient barely perceives its use.

Omnistim 3000 PRO Ultrasound System with safety temperature control.

The VetSystems Whirlpool Package Is Complete.

 Recommended minimum room size is 10’x10’ with floor drain. If a floor drain is not available, a portable sump pump works very well.

Once installed we will arrange an appropriate date for an in-depth, in-service.

I would suggest you arrange to video these in-services for future reference.