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The VetSystems Difference

Middle Frequency @ 5000 Hz Is Extremely Comfortable and Effective

Any biochemical reaction, like the one induced by pharmaceuticals creates an electrical reaction at the same time in the same cells. Electricity therefore can have as many different therapeutic effects as medication with zero side effects.

The Omnistim 500 PRO is pre-programmed for the treatment of Pain..Muscle Re-education…Muscle Disuse Atrophy…Joint ROM Limitations, Spasticity and Muscle Spasm…Circulation Deficits.

It is manufactured to meet or exceed CE, AAMI TES and FDA standards for maximum clinical efficacy and patient and operator safety.

When these treatments are combined in our VetSystems Whirlpool, profound outcomes are realized.

The Omnistim 500 PRO has Revolutionized Rehabilitation