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Multiple Modalities in 1 System

Welcome To The World Of The VetSystems BioElectric Whirlpool

  1. Variable speed Whirlpool.. 2. Warm Water with Quiet Time Whirlpool 3. Whirlpool with E-Stim 4. Whirlpool with Ultrasound 5. E-Stim without Whirlpool 6. Ultrasound without Whirlpool 7.Combination E-Stim and Ultrasound at the same time 8. Muscle Re-ed 9. Supported Swimming motion.

Underwater Electrical Stimulation

Underwater Electrical Stimulation also known as E-Stim uses low levels of electrical current 5000 Hz at very low intensity. This stimulates nerves and muscles. This treatment is done in the VetSystems BioElectric Whirlpool with warm soothing water either with or without the whirlpools adjustable jets in operation depending on the chosen protocol.

The Warm Water and E-Stim quickly reduces pain and inflammation. As the animal progresses, E-Stim stimulates the nervous system and strengthens muscle. A typical E-Stim treatment is about 15-20 minutes. You will find the patient extremely relaxed and ready for a nap in most cases.

This OmniStim system assists in the healing of fractures, surgeries, injuries, arthritis pain and edema. The MUSCLE RE-EDUCATION program PROVIDES EXCELLENT RESULTS while at the same time increasing blood flow and strengthening, to speed the healing process.