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Can We Build One For You?

Can We Build One For You?

State of the art manufacturing allows us to provide you with the
only custom designed stainless steel mobile lift in the industry.

Stainless Steel construction provides years of trouble free service without the worry of peeling paint or rust even in the harshest environment that usually includes…Moisture…Cleaning Chemicals…Urine…and just about anything else!

From start to finish the VetLift is a shining example of balance,
quality and strength necessary for the day to day rigors of veterinary use.

 Not only does the lift allow complete control of the animal, it virtually eliminates back injuries, slips and falls to personnel and protects the patient at the same time.

Perfect for downer dogs, nail clipping and many other uses as well as
the perfect companion for control and security while placing
animals into and out of our Whirlpool.


Can We Build One For You?