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Author: Kenneth Becker

My career was in Human Physical Therapy and Pain Management for 32 years. working with Doctors and Physical Therapists. Having had dogs all my life and seeing some of the issues they have and the similarity to human issues, I decided to use the current protocols to hopefully see improvement on my aging Basset Hound. She responded well to the arthritis protocols and the rest is history. The treatments had reduced her pain levels, edema and soreness and we continued treatments till her passing at 14. I developed the VetSystems Whirlpool with 8 jets, a powerful 2 speed motor with controls and the ability to heat the water to the perfect temperature prescribed by the doctor. VetSystems uses gentle electrical stimulation to assist in the treatment of, Pain, Edema, Muscle Re-Education, disuse atrophy & wound healing. Our Therapeutic Ultrasound uses high frequency sound waves to promote thermal $ sub-thermal heating to help increase local blood flow and reduce inflammation to assist in the treatment of Pain Edema, Contractures and wounds. We offer many modalities and equipment for use in Veterinary Pain Management and Rehabilitation. We are always available by phone at 843-572-0708 or e-mail:

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Providing Pain Management and Rehabilitation Modalities for your Practice There are many product choices at your disposal in this quickly expanding segment of veterinary medicine The VetSystems BioElectric Whirlpool delivers truly Unique, Proven and Patented Treatment Protocols, Providing Phenomenal Outcomes.