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Direct Electrical Stimulation For Your Pet

When a pet owner brings their pet to your practice for treatment and it will be necessary to include direct electrical stimulation as part of the treatment plan BUT the pet owner doesn’t want their pet to be shaved in order to perform that treatment. You can assure them that shaving is not necessary then simply show them what you are going to do…either directly as described or in the VetSystems Whirlpool using which ever protocol is best for the patient. The programs work equally well direct or in the Whirlpool

This is never a concern when using the OmniStim 500 PRO which uses the patented, extremely comfortable and proprietary 5000Hz (pulses per second) carrier frequency with very specific automatic programs that precisely target the indication.

Without shaving the patient, simply saturate the area with warm water, apply ultrasound gel, place the pads as indicated. If the patient has already been shaved due to surgery, just use the ultrasound gel and place the pads in position. You can hold them on or use vet wrap. The treatment time in either case is 15 minutes.

No matter if the issue is an injury, surgical site, edema, etc, the modalities included in the VetSystems package will give you and your patient a clear advantage in pain control and the healing process.

VetSystems treatments are Safe…Effective… Comfortable and Soothing

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