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Cutting Edge Under Water Technology

There are many excellent technologies available today that are extremely positive such a LASERS, UNDERWATER TREADMILLS. Muscle Stimulators (TENS) and exercise equipment were unknown just a few years ago.

VetSystems BioElectric Whirlpool also has a very important role in Pain Management and Rehabilitation. It delivers the massaging and soothing action of a whirlpool and includes our patented Electrical Stimulation protocol which is barely perceptible in the water. You can actually feel the patient relax as the temperature controlled water and E-stim combine to further enhance the treatment program.

Another positive aspect is the fact that you can also provide DIRECT ULTRASOUND treatment to what ever body part needs attention as the jets gently relax the patient during a pleasant 15 minute treatment.

Your canine family member receives premier pain management and rehabilitation when the virtues of VetSystems modalities are used to generate gentle heat and pain relief using VetSystems cutting edge whirlpool protocols including Ultrasound. The VetSystems program helps to ensure the patient a quicker and significant recovery.